On-Ground Services

NQLMS staff like getting their hands dirty! Our teams undertake a range of on-ground tasks including;

Weed treatment

  • Surveys where teams grid survey vegetated areas collecting spatial data.
  • Vegetation enhancement where teams selectively treat (chemical spraying, hand weed, cut & paint) weeds in disturbed remnant forests. This method allows natural regeneration to recolonise areas were weeds have a foothold.
  • General weed control where teams using motorised or personal spray units to treat weeds.
  • Lare scale weed clearing (tractors & escavators).


  • Preparing sites for planting which can be done by hand when the terrain is difficult or mechanised when the site allows. Some sites we have done are very large with up to 20,000 seedlings been planted.
  • Maintenance of revegetation sites is critical for their success this task ranges from weed management to in-filling plant losses.

Screens buffer zones and windbreaks

This service can provide clients with a practical low maintenance option. We select species suited to the need with the long term considered.  

Track installation and cyclone clean-up

  • NQLMS builds low impact walking tracks where after initial track alignment a substrate such as Quincan gravel is used.
  • Our teams using chainsaws and other equipment conduct clean-up of access tracks and natural areas.

Recent Projects

> Dungarra
> Green Corridor
> Wet Tropics Fencing

Additional Services

Management Services
Technical Services